Lovense Gravity Review

Last Updated: February 25, 2024

Tested By:
Kimberly Wade
Kimberly Wade is one of our expert sex toy testers at Sexsi Toys.


It was such an exciting weekend with Lovense releasing TWO new sex toys! I had to start with the Lovense Gravity because… well it looks AMAZING! Especially paired with the Lovense nipple stimulators.

This is the first ever dual-use vibrator to be released by Lovense. To put simply, it vibrates, and it thrusts – and it does those two things VERY well. 🥵🤤

Pair that with the included suction cup and all sorts of deep penetration possibilities open up since you’ll be able to go hands-free. Threesome experiences anyone?…

Lovense Gravity Review
Editor’s Rating
Lovense Gravity
  • Powerful, Pleasurable, Deep Penetrating & Thrusting Shaft.
  • Waterproof For Bath or Shower Use.
  • App-Controlled, Long-Distance Features.
  • Syncs With Other Lovense Toys.
  • Not A Super Discreet Sex Toy.

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My Lovense Gravity Review – What is so special about the Lovense Gravity Sex Toy?

Lovense Gravity Review

I LOVE shower sex, so the fact that it is waterproof means that this might just be my new shower friend for a long while.

The suction cup attachment that is included screws into the Lovense Gravity, and you can use it with or without it. The realistic head type enables the Gravity to reach all the right spots for G-spot stimulation.

Lovense Gravity Sex Toy Specifications:

The battery life is 4 hours continuous use, which is more than enough, and it is very quick to charge.

Water resistent IPX6 water resistent, making it super easy to clean with mild soap and warm water… and you can have some great fun in the shower. Although I was a little hesitant to have it fully submerged in a bath.

As with all other Lovense sex toys, the Lovense Gravity is fully remote controlled – and you can use it with, or without the app. Lovense make some of the best remote controlled vibrators on the market so you can trust in their brand to deliver.

This means that cam models are going to have an amazing time using the Lovense Gravity to make more money as you can simply hand the control over to your users for an incredible experience allowing them to please you remotely.

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You Can Control the Lovense Gravity Thrust and Vibrations Together or Independently

Lovense Gravity Thrust and Vibrate

This is such an amazing feature and I am still learning all the different ways that I could have even more fun with the Lovense Gravity vibrating and reciprocating dildo.

The Lovense Gravity is 9.2 inches long, with the insertable section at 5 inches – which is more than enough for me. The toy expands with a stroke length of 1.18 inches as it thrusts in and out of your vagina.

As someone who loves both penetrative sex and clitoral stimulation, the Lovense Gravity was able to satisfy both of those needs.

The thrusting and stroking is intense at its max setting of 140 Strokes per minute. A little too much for my personal preference, but perfect if you enjoy being pounded with deep thrusting intense pleasure.

I really liked it at the lower or medium range, and the fact that you can control the intensity levels of both the thrusting and vibrating is another bonus.

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My Personal Experience Trying the Lovense Gravity Suction Cup and Going Hands-Free

Lovense Gravity is hands-free

This was something I was very curious about. Many suction dildos and self-thrusting dildos are a bit awkward to use, but the Lovense Gravity was great. Very easy to stick to the wall of my shower, I even tried while the surface was wet and it held up fine.

As it thrusts, there are some slight movements and it sort of sways a little every now and then. So it isn’t thrusting directly straight back and forward. It is very subtle, but I think it really adds to the realism as an actual penis will have some movement as well.

How does the Lovense Gravity Feel? – Testing The Lovense Gravity

Lovense Gravity Review

The texture is silky and smooth to touch, I love the slight ribbed sections which help make it more enjoyable when inserted. The insertable portion is long enough to hit all the right spots without being too invasive or intimidating – it definitively gets the job done.

I think Lovense did a great job with the thrusting motion, it even just looks cool to see it thrusting back and forward. When it is thrusting inside, it is very comfortable and although I used plenty of lubricant, I could feel that it had made me very wet.

When using it for clit stimulation, rubbing against the ribbed parts of the Lovense Gravity was what ended up making me cum. The vibrations are intense just like the thrusting when set to max power, but at a moderate level it felt sooo good.

Gravity Thruster Sex Toy Review – Should You Buy It?

Over all I am very impressed with the Lovense Gravity. The color is amazing, and a nice change from the usual pink which many of the Lovense sex toys come in. I think they are trying to keep it gender neutral, and while I would not recommend it as an anal toy – for anal pleasure I recommend the Lovense Hush 2, or you can try the new Lovense Ridge (Read our Lovense Ridge Review) there could still be some fun to be had with it.

I highly recommend the Lovense Gravity and it will be an amazing addition to anyone’s toy collection – or make for a perfect first toy to get started with self pleasure.

Cam models are going to LOVE this toy!

I was a little harsh with my review of the Lovense Flexer which was one of the last releases from Lovense. But after trying this, I am back on team Lovense and am loving my new toy.

Where To Buy Lovense Gravity in United States (USA)

If you are looking to buy the Lovense Gravity and you’re USA based, I recommend checking out the official online store here:

Where to buy Lovense Gravity internationally:

Lovense ship their products all around the world, so no matter where you are located you’ll be able to purchase from the official store.

Lovense Gravity Reviews From The Web

Lovense Gravity Reviews From The Web

  • A high quality app control thruster.

  • Amazing vibrating thruster with great long distance control.

  • I use my Gravity as a kegal exerciser assistant. Perfect for sexual health and sex positivity. The curve packs a thorough, satisfying, and impressive orgasmic punch that I use every time I get the need.

  • Amazing vibrating thruster with great long distance control.

  • I just can’t get enough of my automatic thruster dildo. The speed, design and ease of use of the velvet gravity adult toy is in my opinion one of the best thrusters on the market.

  • Lovense Gravity was rated 92 out of 100 and I had to buy it, absolutely love my velvet thruster.

  • As I review Lovense Gravity, I can’t help but imagine the first time I held the velvet thruster toy in my hand. The Gravity sex toy from Lovense is simply an amazing experience.

Lovense Gravity FAQ’s

1. What is the Lovense Gravity thrusting dildo?

The Lovense Gravity thrusting dildo is a sex toy that has motors inside that do the thrusting for you, allowing you to focus on the sensations and pleasure without worrying about moving the toy in and out. It comes with a suction cup, user guide, magnetic clip charging cable, and black satin baggie to keep it clean during storage. It also has access to the Lovense app, which gives you Bluetooth and long-distance control, sync to sound/music, 10k+ vibration pattern library, pattern programming, and more.

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Lovense Gravity Key Features

Super Powerful & Long Lasting

Each motor provides intense sensations that will lead to orgasms multiple times during its 4 hours of battery use. Lovense Gravity has fast, intense, thrusting & vibrating.


Strong suction cup enables hands-free use by attaching it to smooth surfaces. You can use the Gravity with Lovense compatible games for sex.

Dual Sensations

Vibration motor located at the tip & up to 140 strokes/min, 3 cm (1.18 in) stroke length.

Gravity is a fully programmable remote control thrusting & vibrating dildo which can be customized to a wide range of vibration levels. Our app allows you to choose a power level which matches your individual needs.

Lovense Gravity Product Information

  • Program: · 3 Steady Levels · Up to 10 Patterns
  • 3.5-4 Hours of Continuous Use
  • Body Safe Materials
  • IPX6 Water-Resistant
  • USB Rechargeable
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Wireless App Controlled
Additional information

Specification: Lovense Gravity Review

Product Details

Body-Safe Materials, IPX6 Water-Resistant, USB Rechargeable, 1-Year Warranty, Wireless App Controlled

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