Clitoral Stimulation – Discover the Pleasure Powerhouse

The clitoris is pure in purpose. It is the only organ in the body designed purely for pleasure” – Eve Ensler. 

For modern, body-conscious women of today (and their partners), it isn’t a secret that the clitoris is a powerhouse of sexual pleasures.

Knowing how to stimulate the clitoris the right way can be the fastest and easiest way to reach orgasm – with or without a partner. It isn’t just a tiny hotspot anymore; it plays an integral role in boosting your sexual desires and helping reach orgasm. 

But let’s first understand where is the clitoris.

What is the Clitoris?

The clitoris is a part of the vulva, which forms the external portion of the female genitalia. It is located right above the vaginal opening and is a primary source of sexual pleasure for a woman. It is a part of the body’s erogenous zones that stimulate a high sexual response. 

The clitoris has a high concentration of over 10,000 sensory nerve fibers and therefore, it easily invokes a high sexual physiological response.

Blair Peters, M.D. Recently conducted the first known count of human clitoral nerve fibers. Discovering that more than 10,000 nerve fibers are concentrated in something as small as clitoris.

The Data: 7 samples of the DNC were collected. The mean number of nerve fibers in the human dorsal clitoral nerve was 5140 with a range of 4926 to 5543. The mean number of myelinated nerve fibers innervating the human clitoris was 10281 (range 9852 to 11086). [View Research]

It’s No wonder it proudly holds the nickname of the “pleasure nub.”

How to Find The Clitoris

The clitoris comprises a head (glans), a shaft, and a clitoral hood (like the foreskin).

To find the clitoris, reach the top of the inner and outer labia while staying below the pubic bone. Now gently spread your labia minora and you can find a small nodule. It is the head of the clitoris or the glans. When you get aroused, the clitoris may retract and hide beneath the clitoral hood, which makes it harder to find. However, it is still there. 

The following diagram will help you better understand what the clitoris looks like. 

Vulva Diagram - Female anatomy & diagram how to locate the clitoris

A part of the clitoris (also known as the glans) is situated at the top of the vulva and right beneath it is the urethral opening. Labia minora are the flaps of skin on either side of the clitoris and your vaginal opening, while the labia majora surrounds the labia minora. The mons pubis is located just above the clitoris and at the top of the pubic bone. 

When the clitoris is aroused, it erects just like a penis and can provide the ultimate clitoral orgasm. Since it has dense nerve fibers, be very gentle when you touch it or otherwise, it can be painful. If directly touching the clitoris stimulates you too much, consider stimulating the area around it instead of directly heading off for the tip. 

What do the Numbers say About Clitoral Orgasm?

You’d be surprised to know that the clitoris is the only female organ that exists solely for the purpose of pleasure. According to research, a majority of women having clitorises love to have them touched while having sex. 36.6% of women who were surveyed during the poll acknowledged that the clitoris is crucial for orgasm. In fact, 36% of them said that it feels better when they orgasm through clitoral stimulation. 

How to Stimulate the Clitoris? 

Every woman has unique sexual desires, turn-ons, and erogenous zones. Hence, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to stimulating the clitoris. Experimenting is the best way to discover ultimate pleasure. 

Tips To Help Achieve a Great Clitoral Orgasm: 

  • Feel comfortable exploring your body 

Whether you are playing solo or have a partner, it is important to set the right mood and feel free to explore the body’s different erogenous zones. This includes your clitoris too. 

  • Gently introduce yourself or your partner to the clitoris 

There are various ways you, or your partner, can stimulate your clitoris, including the tongue, fingers, suction, vibrators, clit stimulators, etc. You can use a lubricant to minimize friction and achieve sexual pleasure. Even the friction caused by rubbing the underwear against anything, like a pillow, can help stimulate the area.        

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Once you start getting comfortable, it is time to get up, close and personal with the clitoris. 

  • Take your time caressing your clitoris 

Simply touching the clitoris will not produce an orgasm. But at the same time, do not forcefully rub or scratch it. This can be painful. Be gentle and creative in stimulating the area in a way that feels good. Take your time and do not rush to get that orgasm. 

You, or your partner, can use different types of pressures and patterns to discover what feels great. Almost 75% of women have acknowledged that they love their clitoris to be caressed in a rhythmic motion using light to medium pressure.

Additionally, 66.6% of women prefer touching the clitoris directly. Try different locations, paths or patterns of touch to find what you are liking the most. And if you aren’t experiencing the fun, refrain from doing it. It is important to break your inhibitions about clitoral orgasm. Only that would help discover new ways of how to stimulate the clitoris and feel ultimate pleasure.

Vivian Green

Vivian Green

Vivian Green (She / Her) Vivian is a sexologist, sex educator and advocate for self-care. Her career has involved being a marriage counselor, couples therapist and intimacy specialist.

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