Savannah Bond Fleshlight Review

Last Updated: January 30, 2024

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Robert Daniels


Many people dream to cum inside the irresistibly sexy and busty Aussie pornstar, Savannah Bond. Her pussy – so inviting! Her ass – so stimulating! Savannah Bond’s Fleshlight is the ultimate male sex toy you will love.

In this review, we will take you on an exciting journey to discover Savannah Bond’s elegant and delicious lips, which will transport you to another world entirely.

8.2Expert Score
Savannah Bond Fleshlight Review Who doesn't love Aussie girls? Yes, the latest Fleshlight Girl is Savannah Bond and I got to try both her pussy and ass for my Savannah Bond Fleshlight review. Read on to find out more!

Fleshlight Texture

Savannah Bond From Australia With Love (Pussy Fleshlight Version)

Inspired by the Internet’s Australian porn heartthrob, Savannah Bond, this male sex toy is designed to provide ultimate sexual pleasure as if you were truly making love with this busty blonde.

The texture on the From Australia With Love Fleshlight sleeve is an exact reproduction of Savannah Bond’s own vagina. It looks and feels just like the genuine thing, as one would expect from a Fleshlight Girls toy.

This is as near to a real pornstar as you could possibly get. Imagine screwing her on Australia’s tropical beaches amidst glistening blue water and white sand!

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Savannah Bond Fleshlight review

As you enter the Fleshlight, there is no sign of the insane level of pleasure being reduced.

The texture bubbles and ripples in wavy ribs give you a wild ride as your penis passes through them. It is hard not to imagine riding the real Savannah Bond as she thrusts her hips in a wavy motion as you slide in and out of her vagina.

Savannah Bond From Australia With Love Fleshlight texture review

Experiencing the Savanah Bond From Australia With Love Fleshlight

Fleshlight is an amazing brand, and they have met all of my expectations with the Savannah Bond Fleshlight. Sex is all about having fun. And this toy is sure to meet your expectations.

The look and feel of both the pussy and ass versions are as real as you would have hoped from Fleshlight.

Right when you enter through Savannah Bond’s elegant and tempting pussy lips, you will have a stimulating experience as your penis rubs through the intertwined ripples. The ribbed internal texture of the vaginal sleeve moves like a wavy ocean, creating a sensation as if the real Savannah Bond is moving her body from side to side.

This feeling is enough to turn on the beast in you and prepare you for a mind-boggling sexual experience.

As you go a little deeper, you will find the inside of the vagina is dotted with pleasure nubs and twists that look like the threads of a screw. As you stroke in and out, this texture feels surreal on the head of your penis. So, you can imagine the level of insane pleasure you will have with this sex toy.

You can definitely imagine the real Savannah Bond winding and curling her luscious, heavy hips as you go in and out of her pussy.

It is packed with raised bumps that gently squeeze the tip of your penis and give you the most explosive climax ever known.

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Savannah Bond in lingerie with her new Fleshlight

What Did I Like About The Savannah Bond From Australia With Love Sleeve?

If you are a die-hard fan of Savannah Bond, you will love the fact that the vagina sleeve beautifully replicates her vagina. It even mimics the skin tone of the famous pornstar, giving you a real sense of what it would be like to see and feel her body. So, it gets top marks for realism and visual appeal.

Other things that we really love about this masturbation sleeve are:

  • Made of soft, yielding material that looks and feels surprisingly real.
  • A ribbed interior that stimulates the penis and gets it ready for an explosive climax
  • The suction effect is incredible, giving the sensation of a tight vagina.
  • For tightness, we give it a rating of 4. It is pretty good for beginners who do not want to play rough.
  • Regardless of your size, this masturbator is long enough to deliver ultimate pleasure.
  • Open-ended stroker ensures easy and hassle-free cleaning
  • Smooth sleeves were created specifically for men who wanted to prolong their pleasure and improve their male performance.
  • Highly stimulating vaginal sleeve that gives highly explosive orgasms
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Was There Anything I Didn’t Like About Savannah Bond’s From Australia With Love Fleshlight Sleeve?

To be honest, there aren’t many things we didn’t like about it. I personally would love to try it with a VR headset to have a fully immersive experience. If you’re a fan of Savannah, you know one of her main features is her ass. So I couldn’t wait to put the Golden Sphincter sleeve to the test.

If you are prepared for an exhilarating sexual experience with Savannah Bond, this is one of the best male sex toys to try.

What’s Included in the Pack?

The package includes 1x Savannah Bond From Australia With Love Fleshlight masturbator sleeve. Savannah Bond From Australia With Love Fleshlight, 8 oz. Fleshlube Water, Fleshwash, and Renewing Powder are also available.

Savannah Bond Golden Sphincter (Butt texture Fleshlight Version)

Love anal sex? You don’t always need a partner to have the pleasure of anal play. Introducing to you “Golden Sphincter,” the one-of-a-kind Aussie ass you will love to get inside. It perfectly replicates Savannah Bond’s tight hole, delivering a wild pleasure as you penetrate hard.

The Aussie pornstar Fleshlight stands out with its series of pillowy bumps and amazing rectal realism. As you go deeper, you will be exposed to clusters of alternating smooth rings that are meticulously stacked one on top of the other. This is the ultimate backdoor sex experience you will ever have on your own.

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Savannah Bond Golden Sphincter Fleshlight texture review

Experiencing the Savanah Bond Golden Sphincter Fleshlight

For the ultimate anal sex experience, you need a toy that provides the perfect balance of tightness and realism. The Savannah Bond butt sleeve truly delivers on both aspects. It comes with multiple individual chambers, each rendering a unique experience that imitates the real Savannah Bond’s amazing ass.

The butt sleeve is a little looser near the entry, allowing you to enter easily. This isn’t to say the ass is not tight. While you might not need it, I recommend a nice amount of sex toy lube. As you go deeper, you will feel more tightness, providing the perfect suction you desire for great stimulation. As the butt tightens, it will arouse the tip of your penis, preparing it for the next session of pleasure.

In the next phases, as you move deeper into her ass, you will experience a roller coaster of tightness, perfectly replicating a real-time anal sex experience. You will feel as if you are inside Savannah Bond’s ass as she moves it, twists it, and curls it.

The ass sleeve gave me a cum explosion within minutes of using it for the first time. I just had to try it out along with some of my favorite clips of her taking it up the butt.

The walls of the chambers are dotted with numerous bumps and lumps, each unique from the others, and while there isn’t anything truly unique from Fleshlight, I still loved the sensations.

This is one of the most realistic butt sex toys that you really need to try yourself and fully experience. Be assured, you will be completely blown away, especially if you are a fan of Savannah Bond.

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Savannah Bond sitting on bed with her Fleshlight

What Did We Like About the Savannah Bond Golden Sphincter Butt Sleeve?

  • The thing we liked best about the product is its realism. Fleshlight male masturbators are far superior, delivering a realistic sexual experience.
  • The perfect stimulation comes from the way each chamber feels like it’s pulsing and how tight it is.
  • Made from soft and stretchy material that is proprietary to Fleshlight, it feels amazingly real.
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Is there anything I didn’t like about Savannah Bond’s Golden Sphincter Butt Sleeve?

One thing I love about Fleshlight is that they deliver consistently great products. There wasn’t anything I didn’t like about it. I would recommend this Fleshlight to anyone who is a fan of Savannah Bond. As with most Fleshlight toys, if you are exceptionally large, you may find it too tight. It is important to be honest about your size when buying a butt sleeve.

What’s Included in the Pack?

The package includes 1x Savannah Bond Golden Sphincter Fleshlight masturbator sleeve.

How to Use the Savannah Bond Fleshlight

Needless to say, male masturbators make an excellent addition to your hand-sex regime if you play solo. It can also be used to spice things up in the bedroom and achieve the ultimate climax with your partner.

Many women are hesitant to try anal sex, so this can be a great way to make sure you’re both happy and safe while trying out new ways to enjoy sex.

To have the best experience, here’s how to use the Savannah Bond male masturbator:

  • To begin, lubricate your penis and masturbator sleeve for better penetration. Make sure you choose the right lubricant.
  • Now hold the stroker in your hands and gently insert your penis.
  • Start slowly and go deeper as you learn about each chamber’s shape, feel, and sensations.
  • The wrapping, squeezing, and vibrating sensations of the male masturbator stimulate the penis and make your sexual experience more satisfying.
  • If your partner is involved in the masturbation process, they may need to hold the stroker in both hands to help you cum.
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How to Clean Your Savannah Bond Fleshlight

Cleaning and taking good care of the Savannah Bond masturbator is a must. Otherwise, it can result in bacteria buildup, increasing the chances of infection when you use it again. And that isn’t a good idea, right?

Thankfully, Fleshlight’s male masturbators are made of body-safe, high-quality material that is easy to clean and prevents bacterial growth. After every use, it is a must to wash the masturbator using a combination of warm water and antibacterial soap. Cleaning is essential, even before using it for the first time.

Wash it for at least 20 seconds and dry using a clean towel. Store it in a dry place in the box provided.

Final Words

Savannah Bond is a truly amazing sex simulator and male masturbation sleeve that you will fall in love with. Honestly, it feels as close as having sex with the real Savannah Bond, making it the perfect addition to your toy collection. If you are looking for ways to replicate the true sensation of having sex even when you are playing solo, this can be your best bet.

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Savannah Bond Fleshlight Product Information

Cum inside Savannah Bond’s narrow and elegant lips and be transported to the white sandy beaches of her native Australia. Prepare for a series of stimulating internal textures made up of intertwining sideways ribs as relentlessly wavy as the Indian Ocean.

Go a bit deeper inside and a ringed centerpiece guides your member to her final chamber, chock full of densely packed raised bumps – the perfect happy ending.

Savannah Bond Biography:

Born on June 6, 1990, Savannah Bond is one of the internet’s top busty blonde porn girls for good reason. Her seductive blue eyes, curvy figure, and wonderfully heavy 34G tits, perfectly complement her magnificent ass, which has been her primary weapon in conquering the XXX world.

Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Savannah Bond grew up in a well-to-do, conservative household, attending a private Catholic school during her high school years. During this time, Savannah was known as a mischievous troublemaker and social butterfly, always looking to have a good time.

Once she finished school, Savannah worked as a beautician. Nevertheless, her restless spirit and insatiable sexual desire quickly led her to the business of adult entertainment, beginning first as a stripper. In time, Ms. Bond was ready to take things up a notch and move into the world of porn.

Once she made the decision, Savannah didn’t waste any time, determined to sign with one of the biggest names in the game right out of the gates. Here, she contacted none other than Jules Jordan himself, offering herself and her many assets to both him and his roster of top-tier talent.

Busty blonde bombshell Savannah Bond made her official adult film industry debut in February 2019 after having flown to Los Angeles, California, and filmed her first-ever sex scene with Fleshlight Guy Manuel Ferrara for JulesJordan.com.

In addition to shooting with other famous male talents such as Markus Dupree, and Kieran Lee, Ms. Bond has made it somewhat of a habit to continue filming fiery scenes with Manuel regularly.

At this point in her stellar career, Savannah Bond has stacked numerous awards and nominations while filming with some of the industry’s biggest studios, such as Naughty America, Brazzers, and Nympho. These industry recognitions include an award for “Best Blowbang Scene” (AVN, 2022) and premiere nominations such as “Hottest Newcomer” and “Most Epic Ass” (AVN, 2020-2021).

A truly “DTF” star with a bright future, Savannah has hinted at what her fans can expect from her in various interviews:

“I can’t wait to do anal, girl/girl scenes, and a gang bang one day…I have a MAJOR fantasy to shoot anal on a tropical beach with white sand and clear water.”

To make sure you don’t miss anything, and for the whole Savannah Bond experience, be sure to follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and OnlyFans and shop her replica lady and butt, available only here at Fleshlight.

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