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SexsiToys is a leading sex toy review website, and we’re on the hunt for people who are passionate about sexual wellness and eager to share their experiences.

Sex Toy Tester

Become a Sex Toy Tester and Get Paid! – Sex Toy Tester Job

Get Free Sex Toys to Test & Review

We’re seeking brave individuals or couples who are 21 years of age or older to review our selection of sex toys and accessories. We welcome applications from any gender and sexual preference.

Whether you’re single, married, young, old, an experienced sex toy user, or a newbie, we value your honest feedback. Your unique perspective can help us provide better insights to our readers and the wider community.

Please note, this is a popular offer and not everyone who applies will be selected. We’re looking for people who are open, honest, and adventurous.

Being a good creative or expressive writer is a bonus, but not a necessity. 

Why Should You Sign Up for SexsiToys Sex Toy Tester Program?

  1. It’s Totally Free!: Becoming a sex toy tester at SexsiToys is completely free. We’re committed to understanding how we can provide better reviews and insights, and we send out sex toys to those who are passionate about exploring and sharing their experiences with our readers.
  2. Access to High-Quality Products: As a SexsiToys tester, you’ll have the opportunity to test some of the highest quality, most reliable products on the market.
  3. Get Paid to Test Sex Toys: Starting from your second review, you will receive $500 per review. So, while the first toy and review are unpaid (you still get a free sex toy), subsequent reviews will then also be compensated at a rate of $500 each.
  4. Join a Trusted Community: SexsiToys has built a reputation for being one of the best sex toy review websites. Our mission is to provide high-quality, honest reviews that are accessible to everyone.

Who Can Sign Up to the Sex Toy Testing Program?

Everyone is welcome to participate in our sex toy tester program. You don’t need any special skills However, sex toy testers must also be adventurous and willing to experiment with new adult products. We’re looking for everyone from sex toy bloggers and independent bloggers, sex toy reviewers, couples, singles, any genders, relationship statuses, sexual preferences are all welcome. 

All that we ask is you are honest. Sexsi Toys aims to be one of the best sex toy review blogs and to do so requires the help of those who can do first-hand testing of the actual product, give your honest feedback on sex toys, and provide us with a fair review of some amazing products that are available.

Some of these items, such as anal toys or BDSM accessories, may be unfamiliar to you. Do you feel comfortable trying out new (and unusual) toys?

We won’t force you to review toys you’re uncomfortable with – you’ll be able to select categories of toys you’re interested in reviewing before starting as a sex toy tester.

We require an openness to sharing your intimate experience with sex toys you test in the form of stories – bringing another level of authenticity and connection to our community and sharing your unique user experience. Our requirements are as follows:

  • Interest in new sex tech
  • Confidence
  • You MUST enjoy having orgasms
  • To be between the ages of 21 and eternity
  • You must be adventurous and willing to explore new toys

What are the Benefits of SexsiToys Sex Toy Testing Program?

  1. Support team: Get quick answers to any sex toy tester program-related questions, so you’re always equipped with the right information.
  2. Special promotions: We’ll provide you with special promotion opportunities for you to receive coupons for various products.
  3. Early access to new products: Get early access to newly released products and brand-new sex toy designs before most customers.

Will I Get Paid for Being a Sex Toy Tester at SexsiToys?

For your initial review, you will receive a sex toy to test for free and keep.

If we like your style and the review you provide us, we’ll continue to offer you a selection of free sex toys to test and write your reviews for our website.

Starting from your second review, you will receive $500 per review. So, while the first toy and review are unpaid, subsequent reviews will be compensated at a rate of $500 each.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Selection: If selected, we’ll provide you with a variety of premium, high-quality toys from trusted brands to choose from.
  2. Testing & Reviewing: We will send the toy you pick to you for free to test and review. The toy is yours to keep!
  3. Featured Reviews: Your review will be featured on our website, and you’ll get an author profile as a verified sex toy tester.
  4. Continuous Collaboration: If we like your style and the review you provide us, we’ll continue to offer you a selection of free sex toys to test and write your reviews for our website.
  5. Compensation: For each review after the initial trial, we’ll pay you $500 per review.

How to Write a Sex Toy Review?

This should be a fun testing process.

We encourage you to share your personal experience, the anticipation, the play, and the aftermath – in your own words. Let your unique voice shine through. A great sex toy review should include:

  • Detailed information about the toy (price, materials, functions, etc.).
  • A description of how to use the toy, as well as other basic information that a potential customer may want to know.
  • Be honest and let us know what you think of the toy – before, during, and after spending time with it. How does it compare to other product brands. Did it enhance your sexual pleasure compared to regular orgasms and masturbation?
  • If it was genuinely a defective product, let us know and we’ll send out a replacement.
  • Include information on how to use the toy with a partner or alone, the best lubricants to pair with it, etc.
  • For better chances of future tester opportunities, we recommend taking photos of the toy (the box, the toy in the box, and the toy itself). Please note, we are not looking for videos or graphic images of people using the toys.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with sex toys and the industry before writing a review. Knowing everything about sex toys, from how to clean them to what materials are commonly used to how vibrators work, will make testing our high-quality sex toys easier. Once you’ve been sent a toy for review, you’ll need to do some research on it.

Give yourself some time to play with and review the toy. Depending on the toy’s features, you can adjust the time you give yourself to review it.

This allows you to become accustomed to the toy, to do a bit of testing out the playtime and charge, and to incorporate the toy naturally into your sexual lifestyle which will help you give a thoughtful review.

We’re thrilled to offer you an opportunity to join our Free Trial Program. Want to try any of our sex toys?

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