Lovense Ambi Review

Last Updated: February 25, 2024

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Kimberly Wade
Kimberly Wade is one of our expert sex toy testers at Sexsi Toys.


My Personal Experience with the Lovense Ambi vibrator

When I first came across the Lovense Ambi, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement building within me as I started reading more about it.

Having previously enjoyed the delights of the Lush 3the pink toy with a tail seen on cam shows, and Hush 2, I knew that Lovense was a brand that could be trusted to deliver pleasure beyond my wildest dreams.

And as I imagined all the ways that I could use the Ambi, my mind filled with images of intense orgasms and moments of pure bliss with this versatile bullet vibrator.

It was as if I could feel the soft silicone of the Ambi against my skin, its powerful vibrations sending shivers down my spine. And as luck would have it, I did not need to wait very long.

I’d been talking about it for a few days. When my partner walked through the door carrying the Lovense Ambi to surprise me, I was instantly turned on and eagerly pulled her into the bedroom so we could begin to explore the Ambi together.

More on that shortly, but first:

8.7Expert Score
Lovense Ambi Review
Lovense Ambi Review - Pinpoint Precision Hitting All The Right Spots
My experience using the Lovense Ambi was intensely pleasurable. I love how it fits perfectly against a larger surface area of my vagina, and the hammer shape gave me a range of options to please and play with my clit. The Ambi is definitely one to try if you are looking for a discreet mini bullet vibrator that packs a punch you definitely need to try this!
Great for Couples?
  • Compact and Discreet: The Lovense Ambi is small in size, making it easy to carry and discreetly store, allowing for convenient use both at home and while traveling.
  • Powerful Vibrations: Despite its small stature, the Ambi packs a punch with its intense vibrations, providing satisfying sensations for solo play or couples' play.
  • Dual-Ended Design: The Ambi features a unique dual-ended design, offering versatile stimulation options. One end is ideal for pinpoint precision, while the other end provides broader stimulation.
  • Customizable Patterns: With the Lovense app, you can create and personalize vibration patterns according to your preferences, ensuring a tailor-made experience every time.
  • Long-Distance Control: The Ambi can be controlled remotely via the app, making it an excellent option for long-distance relationships or adding excitement to couples' play, regardless of the distance between partners.
  • May not be the best option if you like deep penetration. It can still please your G-spot, but I would personally recommend the Lovense Gravity for that.

What is the Lovense Ambi?

Ambi by Lovense is a portable mini bullet vibrator designed to provide both short and long-distance pleasure. It has a unique shape which resembles that of a small hammer, offering both rounded and pinpoint vibrations for maximum pleasure and a wide range of stimulating possibilities.

This hot pink vibrator is specifically designed to cater to a woman’s body, and its varying degrees of pleasure rhythms are sure to hit all the right spots.

As a leading manufacturer of smart sex toys, Lovense has ensured that all their products, including Ambi, can work over any distance.

With versatile control options, Ambi is perfect for solo or couple play. The Lovense Ambi is aiming to be one the most versatile bullet vibrator ever, but you can decide for yourself after reading our Lovense Ambi review.

  • Portable bullet vibrator sex toy for pleasure on-the-go
  • Hammer-shaped head for pinpoint vibrations
  • External stimulation, perfect variety and fit for clit stimulation. You can also use it for internal stimulation and G-spot stimulation
  • Varying pleasure rhythms & vibration levels for maximum enjoyment
  • Lovense: innovative smart sex toys manufacturer
  • Broad stimulation and control options for solo or couples play
  • Lovense Ambi aiming to be the most versatile bullet vibrator ever
  • Compatible with Lovense games

Ambi Review: My First Experience Using Lovense Ambi Mini Bullet Vibrator

I was excited to try out the Lovense Ambi vibrator after reading about its unique shape and features, but a little nervous that my excitement may have been premature because I suddenly remembered that it might need to be charged before use.

Lovense Ambi Review - Unboxing My Lovense Ambi

Upon unboxing my new Lovense Ambi, which comes in a cute little box with all the things you need – including a bag, magnetic charging cable, and instructions.

Obviously, they were last on my mind at the time. All I saw was the inviting pink little hammer-shaped vibrator. 

I eagerly removed it from the box, relishing the feel of its silky texture against my skin.

As I held it in my hands, I knew that it was going to be an experience like no other..

My fingers moved across the sleek surface, searching for the power button. And there it was, nestled at the base of the vibrator, beckoning me to press it.

With anticipation, I did just that – and to my delight, the Lovense Ambi roared to life with a tantalizing buzz.

While I know Lovense makes sex toys that are perfect for long-distance and remote play. They also make for amazing standalone toys and don’t require a connection to use them.

For my first experience, this was all I needed. 

I prepared the Lovense Ambi as my partner slowly began to undress, revealing her beautiful body to me. Our eyes locked. I could feel my heart racing as we kissed deeply, our hands exploring each other’s curves.

Our desire intensified, I couldn’t wait any longer. I took the Ambi in my hand, feeling its power course through my body.

With a glint in my eye, I brought it up to my partner’s supple breast, teasingly tracing around her nipple with the vibrating tip.

She let out a low, sultry moan as the sensation washed over her. Her body arched towards me, eager for more. I obliged, gliding the Ambi over her sensitive skin. 

My partner beckoned me to pass her the Ambi, a shiver ran through my body in excitement waiting for what was to come.

Kissing her way down my thighs. With each lingering caress of her tongue, my desire intensified.

She picked up a small bottle of lube from the nightstand, slicking it over the vibrating hammer of the Ambi and spreading it around.

I began breathing heavily as she brought it up to my clit, teasing me with its arousing vibrations.

Lovense Ambi Mini Bullet Vibrator – A Sensation Like No Other

Ambi Mini Bullet Vibrator

The sensation was unlike anything I had ever felt before as the Ambi rubbed up against my clit – sending tantalizing pleasure through my body.

The Ambi’s unique shape allowed it to fit snugly against my pussy, covering more surface area and intensifying the experience to new heights, and the pinpoint stimulation allows you to hit the perfect spot.

I moaned as my partner motioned the Ambi around my clit and toying with my pussy. Her fingers penetrated me. The vibration modes offered extra stimulation and I was about to cum. I could feel the intensity building…

Moments later I had a powerful orgasm, my whole body contracting and spasming as I was left in pure bliss. It felt like I had cum twice in one go from the intense pleasure. 

What an experience. She sure knows how to rub me the right way… And the Ambi was oh so amazing! 

The Lovense Ambi was truly a must-try for any lover of bullet vibrators and clit stimulation. It was a sensation unlike any other – pure, unadulterated pleasure that left me wanting more.

Personal account of using the Lovense Ambi Bullet Vibrator – Unboxing, charging, and initial impressions

Upon receiving the Lovense Ambi and now using it over many pleasurable sessions, it has become one of my favorite little bullet vibrators. 

I love clit stimulation and the Lovense Ambi is fairly versatile. The various angles and positions were endless, each one offering a new possibility for pleasure.

I experimented with different positions, arching my back, raising my hips, as the Ambi hit just the right spots.

The Lovense Ambi Has Limitless Possibilities

The Lovense Ambi was a true marvel, offering a virtually limitless selection of vibration patterns that I could mix and match to suit my every desire.

And with the sound mode feature, I could synchronize those vibrations with the ambient noise around me, adding a whole new level of sensory excitement to my playtime.

The Ambi is also a high-quality device, crafted from premium materials that are body-safe and designed to last.

  • Lovense Ambi offers a wide range of vibration patterns
  • Sound mode feature synchronizes vibrations with ambient noise
  • High-quality, body-safe materials used
  • Precise, targeted tip-based vibrations
  • Easy-to-use app-controlled interface
  • Sleek, discreet design
  • Intense, pleasurable sensations for long-distance relationships

During use, I found that the bright pink color and ergonomic shape of the Ambi felt great against my body in mind-blowing ways!

It provided awesome orgasms both internally and externally thanks to its powerful motor at an additional cost compared to other toys in this category.

My experience using Lovense Ambi exceeded expectations making me feel maximum satisfaction all day long!

Lovense Remote App and Remote Control – Long-Distance Play With Ambi

Lovense Ambi seamless charging features

Once fully charged, I downloaded the Lovense smartphone app to control the Ambi’s pleasure rhythms.

Compared to other similar vibrators like the Tango or We-Vibe Tango X, I found that the Ambi offered more customization options through its mobile app.

Plus, it allowed me to chat with my partner in real-time or send pre-written chat messages while using it together during long-distance sex.

Lovense Ambi Vibrator Size, shape, and features

Lovense Ambi Vibrator Review

The curve of the Lovense Ambi vibrator allows you to contour it against the body during sex no matter what position you are in.

Whether it’s doggy style, missionary or cowgirl, you can use it against your sexy zones, including your clitoris and nipples.

The toy is small and discreet enough to be used during penetration without impeding thrusting or sex in general.

Control the Lovense Ambi Remotely From Anywhere

The Ambi vibrator has Bluetooth connectivity, which means that if you’re in a long-distance relationship with your partner or partners, you can give them access through Bluetooth.

There is a long-distance button on the toy that allows you to give your partner access through there and they can control it remotely.

This feature makes it a fun way to spice up a long-distance relationship and keep connected with your partner no matter the distance.

Make More Money Performing Online – Camgirls Love the Ambi Bullet Vibe

Not only is it great for couples, but you can use the online functionality to connect to live cam software and provide people with access to control the vibrations and patterns of the Lovense Ambi.

To get started with this, we’ve also got a guide for getting started connecting Lovense and Chaturbate.

How the Lovense Ambi differs from other similar vibrators on the market

The Lovense Ambi stands out from other similar vibrators on the market due to its unique shape and design.

Unlike most compact bullet vibrators, which are often cylindrical or egg-shaped, the Lovense Ambi features a triangular shape that allows for more precise stimulation.

This makes it an ideal choice for clit stimulation and exploring different sexual positions.

In addition to its versatile design, the Lovense Ambi also boasts powerful vibration strengths that can be controlled wirelessly through the Lovense app.

This feature sets it apart from other discreet vibrators on the market, such as the Lovense Hush2, which is primarily designed for anal play.

With its high-quality silicone construction and compact size, however, the Lovense Ambi offers a wider range of sexual experiences.

How the Lovense Ambi performed in different settings and situations

When I first got my hands on the Lovense Ambi Bullet Vibrator, I was excited to see how it would perform in different settings.

Lovense Ambi Remote App Features

The mini lipstick vibrator design made it easy to carry around discreetly, and its silky silicone material felt luxurious against my skin.

In terms of control features, the Ambi didn’t disappoint either – with both desktop and mobile options available for remote control.

Its intuitive 2-button control pad was also a plus point for me as it allowed me to easily switch between modes without having to fiddle around too much.

It is relatively silent and waterproof, making it great for travel or use in the bath or shower. The vibrator has pinpoint vibrations that can be used on erogenous zones such as nipples, clitoris, underside of the scrotum, and other parts of the body.

As someone who had tried other Lovense products in the past, I was particularly impressed with the Ambi’s tip-based vibrations, which were more precise and targeted than anything I had experienced before.

In short, my first impressions of the Ambi were overwhelmingly positive. Its app-controlled interface made it a breeze to use, while its wide range of features gave me complete control over my pleasure.

And with its sleek, discreet design, I knew I could take it with me wherever I went, ready to experience the ultimate in sensual satisfaction at a moment’s notice.

Whether you’re looking for intense rumbly vibrations or gentle clitoral stimulation under your clitoral hood during doggy styles or any position you like best – this clitoral vibrator promises pleasure that will keep your relationship going strong even if you are in a long-distance relationship!

Lovense Ambi’s performance: Intensity, noise level, battery life, and connectivity

The Lovense Ambi is a top-of-the-line vibrator that offers an impressive range of power levels and features. Its Bluetooth app, the Lovense Remote connectivity allows for two-way connectivity with any compatible smartphone, making it easy to control the device from anywhere in the room.

One of the standout features of the Lovense Ambi is its robust turbo gear motor, which provides intense vibrations that are perfect for high-end pleasure seekers.

Another great feature of this vibrator is its video chat capabilities, which make it ideal for long distance relationships or solo play.

If you’re looking for a powerful and versatile vibrator that can keep up with your needs, then look no further than the Lovense Ambi.

Lovense Ambi vibrator Questions

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