Lovense Vulse Review

Last Updated: April 5, 2024

Tested By:
Kimberly Wade
Kimberly Wade is one of our expert sex toy testers at Sexsi Toys.


Could this be it?… Could it REALLY be the Lovense sex toy that rivals the Lush 3?

The Lovense Vulse was just released and it arrived early on my doorstep the other day.

I couldn’t wait to get the news out and share my Lovense Vulse review.

There are SO MANY possibilities with the Vulse and I’m still finding new ways to use it. Honestly, the TL;DR: Just buy it, you won’t be disappointed…

Continue below to read my Lovense Vulse review.

Lovense Vulse Review
Editor’s Rating
Lovense Vulse
  • Powerful combined thrusting and vibrating, with up to 120 strokes/min.
  • 10mm thrusting length directly stimulates the G-spot.
  • App-Controlled, Long-Distance Features.
  • Syncs With Other Lovense Toys.
  • Hands-free control.
  • Completely waterproof IPX7.
  • Control toys with touch, sound, or motion from anywhere.
  • Wearable as a panty vibrator G-spot stimulator.
  • No clit stimulation, but great for G-spot and internal pleasure.

I’m sure you already know about the classic love egg: a small, smooth bulb you can slip into your vagina, usually with a tail that sticks out for easy removal or control options.

But what happens when we spice things up by giving a love egg ‘thrusting’ features? Yeah, you heard right!

The Lovense Vulse does exactly that. It’s got a built-in mechanism that allows the bulb to expand and contract… Vibrating and thrusting, oh yes, pleasing your g-spot in all the right ways. 🥵🥵

My Experience Trying the Lovense Vulse Testing the Lovense Vulse

When I first saw the Vulse, I was instantly getting Lush vibes, with a reminder of the Gravity’s velvet thrusting color.

Opening the box, and holding it in my hands, I was glad to know the neck was more bendy instead of being firmly fixed.

Gently squeezing the bulb of the Vulse, it felt pretty solid, while still giving enough space and flex to allow for a comfortable thrusting motion.

Orgasmic Vibrating & Thrusting G-Spot Stimulation

When it came to the vibrating and thrusting, things got a lot more hot and of course… wet.

I lubed up and turned on the Vulse. It was very comfortable to slip inside, and if you’re a regular Lovense user, you’ll know they have a range of vibrating pattens and intensities.

The Vulse is no different. Thrusts up to 120 strokes per minute, and a thrusting length of 10mm, you have a tonne of control to manipulate the toy to your preferences.

I tend to prefer a bit of clit play to help me cum, but I also LOVE a good G-spot orgasm. Usually they are hard to come by, but the Vulse was able to deliver.

For those who need more clit stimulation, you could rub the bulb against your clit, but that’s not really what it is for.

You’re better off with double the pleasure having it inside while you either rub your clit, or use a clit stimulator like the Ambi (read our Lovense Ambi Review) or Exomoon… or if you’re lucky enough, have someone put their tongue to good use! 😋😋🤤

More Possibilities with the Lovense Vulse

The Lovense Vulse is an amazing sex toy and a great contender to compete against their flagship Lush. I’d definitely have a hard time picking between them if I didn’t already own both sex toys.

One great thing about the Vulse is that it is yet another sex toy you can use in public. Yep, it fits inside you all nice and snug, and nobody will ever know – Cue ‘Nobody’s gonna know’ TikTok audio clip.

The Vulse is pretty damn quiet. I’ve seen people say it was up to 65.9db, but that has got to be externally. Because internally is an entirely different story. If you were out and about with your phone on vibrate, and someone called you while it was in your pocket. How often do people notice the sound? Not many.

The Lovense Vulse is quieter than that when inside. Meaning you’re good to go for some public play. I still wouldn’t have the guts to do it in a quiet area like a library or something. But malls, or anywhere with general ambient sounds, you will be totally fine.

I’m planning on going on a public adventure myself with my Vulse, so I will update this when that happens… 😉😘

Final Thoughts Should You Buy The Lovense Vulse G-Spot Thrusting Vibrator?

My honest opinion is that providing you are okay with it being predominantly a G-spot stimulator (It is a love egg after all), then I really think you can’t go wrong getting this sex toy. It is really great and I’ve had loads of fun playing with it.

The thrusting is a unique take on enhancing pleasure, and having full control over how intense it is will make it even more enjoyable for a wider range of Lovense users.

Lovense Vulse Vs Lush 3

I can’t help but compare with other models from Lovense, and would recommend you to seriously look at either the Lovense Vulse, or the Lush 3 for your next love egg. They are very closely tied, and I’m yet to pick a winner.

As I said before, I own both and don’t regret buying either. I’ll continue to use both of then just because I like to change things up every now and then.

Both the Vulse and Lush have made me cum multiple times – The Lush obviously many times more since I’ve had it for so long.

But I’ve got no doubt the Vulse will help me and many women around the world cum in sweet ecstasy over and over again.

So go on, pick up one for yourself or your loved one today.

Lovense Vulse Product Information

Lovense Discreet Shipping – Keeping Your Pleasure a True Mystery

The box showing up on your doorstep is as incognito as they come. Plain cardboard and a nondescript label ensure your secrets are safe from nosey neighbors or prying housemates.

Surprise gift for your partner?… They won’t suspect a thing.

What’s in the box? Lovense Vulse Packaging

  • Vulse Thrusting Love Egg: Main component, custom foam cutout
  • Magnetic USB Charger: Improved design, replaces pin-type
  • User Manual: Visual and concise
  • Elegant Satin Storage Bag: Useful for dust protection

Lovense Vulse User Guide – How to use the Lovense Vulse

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