Chaturbate Lovense: How to Connect Lovense to Chaturbate

Looking to make bank as a cam performer? You need to offer your viewers something fresh and exciting every time they tune in.

That’s where Lovense toys come in! These smart sex tech toys are regarded as some of the best remote control vibrators in the webcam world, allowing your fans to interact with you remotely and making your shows more immersive than ever.

Lovense Cam Models

And if you’re looking to really shine on platforms like Chaturbate, connecting a Lovense toy to your stream can help you attract more views and tips.

But Lovense isn’t just another faceless company trying to cash in on the cam world. They’re proud supporters of cam performers, and their website is packed with tips and FAQs to help you get the most out of your toys. Lovense also released Lovense Life which is a forum dedicated to finding other Lovense users.

Ready to take your shows to the next level and blow your viewers’ minds? Check out our quick breakdown of how to connect Lovense with Chaturbate, we’ll also throw in some fun game ideas you can play with your fans, and important security tips to help you stand out from the crowd.

With Lovense, Chaturbate & SexsiToys on your side, you’ll be making bank in no time!

A Brief Guide to Your Cam Platform: How Do Lovense Toys Work in Chaturbate?

Lovense toys toys are designed to react to tips from your audience, providing a unique and interactive experience that will keep your viewers coming back for more.

How do Lovense toys work on Chaturbate? It’s simple: when connected to your webcam show, the Lovense toy will vibrate in response to tips from your audience.

The intensity and duration of the vibrations vary depending on the amount tipped and the configuration you have set up on your profile.

Lovense Chaturbate

Lovense Toys and Chaturbate: A Perfect Match for Cam Performers

But Lovense toys are more than just a pink sex toy that cam girls use – they are the ultimate tools for interactive cam shows.

The patented tip-based vibrations allow you to set up personalized games and special commands so you can give control to your viewers and have virtual sex in private with them over live stream and chat.

Make Money With Lovense Virtual Sex Toys:

Lovense was originally made popular with the Lovense Max 2 and Nora sex toys for remote control. Now you can use these toys for additional monetization.

Imagine allowing someone with the Max 2 paying you to sync with your Nora and have virtual sex through a live stream.

Not only do they get to see you please yourself, but they’ll be able to feel every move with the sex toys working in synchronization together.

If you’re a bit more creative, you could even make the interactions more immersive with various Lovense games compatible with nearly all sex toys.

With the ability to connect multiple Lovense toys, you can create a truly immersive experience for your audience.

But that’s not all – Lovense toys also come with auto notifications and customizable auto-replies, making it easy to stay engaged with your viewers and keep the conversation flowing which gives your viewers a new way to enjoy your live streams.

Setting Up Your Lovense Show – You’ll Need A Cam Model Account With Lovense

Setting up Your Lovense Show: How to Connect Your Toy to Your Cam Model Account
If you’ve got a Lovense toy and you want to use it for your cam shows, you’ll need to connect it to your cam model account. Here’s how to do it:
Make sure you have a Lovense account
If you ordered your toy directly from Lovense, you should already have an account. If you bought it from a third-party vendor, you’ll need to sign up for one.
Connect your Lovense toy to your computer
While you can stream from your smartphone, it’s better to use a computer for a more interactive and low-latency experience.
Download the Lovense stream bundle
This includes the Lovense Connect app, the Lovense Browser, and the OBS toolset. These will help you record and stream your content.
Follow the instructions to connect your toy to the Lovense browser
Depending on your setup, you may need to connect your smartphone or use a USB Bluetooth adapter.
Once everything is connected, launch the Lovense browser
You’ll see the Lovense extension icon in the top right corner of the screen.
Use the Lovense extension menu to test the connection and set up your toy’s controls.
You can enable or disable the extension, test the connection by sending yourself a tip, and determine who can control your toy and what they can do. For more information, read our Lovense long distance setup guide.

Connecting Lovense to Chaturbate

Chaturbate Lovense

Now that you have Lovense set and ready to go, let’s look at how to connect Chaturbate and Lovense together. 

  1. Launch the control menu by clicking on the extension’s icon in your browser with the addon launched.
  2. Log into your Lovense account when prompted.
  3. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a rich interface that lets you enable or disable the extension, see connected toys and their status, and see a list of enabled streaming sites that can control the Lovense toys.
  4. To add Chaturbate to the list of supported platforms, click the + sign next to the Camsite menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
  5. Type “Chaturbate” in the searchable textbox and select it from the list of supported platforms.
  6. If this is your first time setting up the extension, select the “I’ll configure everything myself” option. If you’re setting it up for the second time, select the “Copy settings from another site” option.
  7. Click “done” to add Chaturbate to the Camsite menu.
  8. Select Chaturbate from the Camsite menu to access the basic levels settings option. This allows you to configure different settings for different toys depending on tip amounts, including controlling the reaction time and vibration intensity.
  9. Once you’ve configured your settings, click “save” to save all your changes to the current camsite (Chaturbate in this case).

To test your connected toy, hit the Lovense extension again to launch the initial panel and send yourself a tip. If everything works, you’re ready to start streaming!

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