Oral Sex Statistics

Oral sex has long been a topic of interest and debate, but what do the numbers actually say about it?

Our team has sourced a range of important statistics to reveal the behaviors, preferences, and trends that are shaping oral sex.

From the most popular ways to finish a blow job to the percentage of adults who have ever engaged in oral sex, we provide an eye-opening look at what’s really happening in bedrooms across the country.

Oral Sex Statistics: How Common is Oral Sex? Oral Sex is Practiced by Over 80% of Adults

A study revealed that 85.4% of men and 83.2% of women had engaged in oral sex at some point.


The study also pointed out that men had a higher number of lifetime oral and vaginal sexual partners compared to women.

Age played a significant role, with individuals aged 60-69 being less likely to have performed oral sex compared to those in the 45-59 and 30-44 age groups

Do Women Like Receiving Oral Sex? Most Women Enjoy Cunnilingis According to Data

90.9% of women enjoy receiving oral sex.

[Bad Girls Bible]

This data is a vivid portrayal of women’s sentiments towards oral sex and the receiving pleasure, with an overwhelming 9 out of every 10 women enjoying a partner’s willingness to go down on them.

A notable 79.4% of women recount at least one occasion where receiving oral sex wasn’t enjoyable.

Blowjob Statistics: Do Women Like to Give Blowjobs? Women’s Enjoyment in Performing Oral Sex

92.6% of women like to give blowjobs and perform oral sex

[Bad Girls Bible]

Do women enjoy performing oral sex?

Yes, indeed, a significant majority of women do find enjoyment in performing oral sex.

Contrary to traditional assumptions, a recent study showed that up to 92.6% of women like to perform fellatio or oral sex.

Common Survey Responses:

  • “I liked pleasing my partner”: 60.2%
  • “It turned me on/made me horny”: 21.2%
  • “I liked feeling powerful & in control“: 10%
  • “I liked feeling submissive”: 5.5%

Blowjob Statistics: Preferences on Finishing a Blow Job Most Women Enjoy Cum in their mouth

55.5% of women enjoy men ‘finishing in their mouth’ after a blowjob.

[Bad Girls Bible]

The preferred method for women to finish a blow job is by having their partner cum in their mouth and then swallowing, a choice made by 55.5% of women surveyed.

This choice is more than seven times as favored compared to the 7.8% of women who prefer their partner to ejaculate in their mouth and then spit it out.

Coming in second, 19.8% of women opted for their partner ejaculating on their body as their preferred way to finish oral.

Contrary to popular portrayal in adult films, only 3.8% of women selected their partner ejaculating on their face as their preferred method.

This suggests that facial finishes are not as widely embraced in reality as they are in adult entertainment.

No Oral Sex? Oral Sex as a Relationship Dealbreaker

51.39% Americans consider refusing to perform oral sex as a dealbreaker in a relationship.

[Bespoke Surgical]

Is No Oral Sex a Dealbreaker?

For over half of American adults, the answer appears to be yes, denying oral sex can indeed be a relationship dealbreaker.

Sharing sexual preferences and being willing to fulfill each other’s desires is a key aspect of maintaining a satisfying sexual relationship.

Thus, refusal to engage in oral sex can cause feelings of dissatisfaction and resentment, leading some individuals to consider ending the relationship – Or not pursuing a potential one if oral is off the table altogether.

Pressure to engage in oral sex Feeling Pressured to give oral.

33% of Americans have felt some level of societal pressure to engage in oral sex.

[Bespoke Surgical]

Societal pressure plays a significant role in dictating behavioral norms, including aspects concerning oral sex.

The societal expectation for sexual activities to include oral sex can lead to an obligation to comply, as evidenced by the 33% of Americans who reported feeling societal pressure to engage in this act.

The impact of societal influence on personal sexual preferences underlines the need for sexual education and discussion that emphasizes the importance of personal choice and consent.

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